"Our Purpose"

To glorify God in communicating the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.  To train-up and disciple fellow Christians through drama, music, and theater production to boldly express our faith and love for Christ.  To edify and lift up those around us of God's love for us and the true joy that is found in Him.

Our Story

The history began over 40 years ago with an annual Christmas musical drama dubbed "Christmas Joy" led by pastor Keith Wells of Bethany Church in Long Beach, California.  Each year an original script and was performed along with choir music.  Four years ago the Christmas program found a new home at Anaheim Baptist Fellowship in Anaheim, California.  The Christmas Joy tradition continues to grow by the addition of performance dates.  A future goal of Joy Theatrical Workshop is to add additional performances at additional church venues.

Our Leaders and Advisers

As Joy Theatrical Workshop grows and continues to mature and develop.  We expect to see a fully rounded team of talented and expert leaders to fill the various rolls that it takes to make a workshop work.


Paul Van Valkenburg

Musician, Singer, Actor, Technical Adviser

Paul is a veteran to Christmas Joy for over 20 years and has performed in productions as an actor, singer, and musician, as well as being instrumental in building sets and multiple backstage technical design roles.  Paul is also an officer in the Joy Theatrical Worship non-profit organization.


Rita Bevis Castillo

Singer, Writer, Director, Music/Voice Coach

Rita as been with the Christmas Joy team writing original scripts for the past three years and auditioning and rehearsing and coaching performers and lends her voice to the productions.  She has worked in a variety of roles over the years at Bethany Church and brought her talents to Anaheim Baptist Fellowship.  She is a very talented singer, voice coach and teacher and brings her talents to Joy Theatrical Workshop to help our performers learn and grow their talent.


Scott Mahfouz

Media/Tech Team Leader

Scott has been working with the Christmas Joy team since their move to Anaheim Baptist Fellowship where he formerly lead the Media/Tech team.  Scott now offers his skills to the Joy Theatrical Workshop in working with sound and lighting production.  Scott also provides his skills as the financial officer in the non-profit organization.

Join the Team

If you have talents and skills and a heart of commitment that you would like to be part of our team.  Please let us know.